iPhone App Review – Pandora Radio (Free)

Pandora Radio is an app that allows you to listen to music wherever you are. But don’t get Pandora Radio confused with any other radio station. Pandora radio is a radio station made for you, created by you.Ever wish you could have your own station where only your favorite songs are played? Well now you can! This radio station is unique to your style because you create it! Never again sit through a song you don’t like because there’s nothing else to listen to on the radio. With Pandora radio, if you don’t like it, you won’t add it to your station!This app will allow you to listen to music as you create your station, all at the same time! It will show you a screen where you will be able to search for songs and artists that you would like on your station.Once you have created your station, you will be able to see everything that is on your station. The songs, albums and radio stations that you have added to your own personal station will show on the screen. It will also give you the option to edit in case you decide to delete some and add some more later.The Pandora app allows you to bookmark songs and artists. It also allows you to buy songs from iTunes and to email stations you like. There is really nothing else you can ask for in a radio station.The Pandora¬† app is an awesome app to have. I love it because it allows you to give a station your own personal touch. What are you waiting for? You can try it free today!

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