Print Art Techniques

Print art is a technology used to replicate artworks on a canvas. Many ways to turn the original paintings into canvas copies exist. In the past reproductions were only made on paper, because it was easier. But with the technological advances print art is becoming more and more popular among artists and amateurs. Print art has a serious advantage over paper reproduction: it can be displayed without glass or matting, and it looks the same as the original.What distinguishes print reproductions from the original is that canvas art prints are completely flat, they don’t have the textures you can see on the originals. Despite this, a devoted canvas art printer can put some highlighting hand-applied paint, so that the original looks are preserved to a great extent. But the most indicative way to reveal the print art copy is to see if it is basically flat or not. The hand-applied paint cannot substitute the areas of texture that you can notice on the original paintings.Basically, there are two techniques for making print art reproductions. The first one is called “transferring”. It is the more popular one. It includes the making of a standard paper print copy first done in the traditional way. This copy is then covered with special chemicals that separate the paper from the ink. Thus, after the removing of the paper, the ink remains untouched. It can then gradually be applied to a canvas.The second print art technique is a bit more sophisticated as it includes modern technologies. It is called PiezoGraphy and it is a digital printing technique. The original pieces drawn using a variety of materials can be digitally processed. A large number of different digital methods are used. Additionally, this technique allows for image processing to be done on the piece, for example changing of hues and chroma, so that a better-looking reproduction is obtained. By using PiezoGraphy the reproduction can differ in size from the original: printouts can be either reduced or enlarged. That’s why the digital printing technique is thought to create new originals, not just reproductions of the existing paintings. It is thus used by many artists.

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